July 2016 Mabuhay Magazine - page 8

This month sees the reinvention of
, a title that has been treasured
by PAL passengers for almost 30 years. In sync with the airline’s efforts to
become a five-star airline by 2020 (readmore on page 87),
made its goal to be a five-star magazine right now. Start off your readwith
a flip through the Life section, an assortment of easily digestible stories
that spotlight the latest and greatest happenings from across the network.
We have shaken things up by asking Manila’s topmixologist to give a classic
Filipino dessert a boozy spin (page 13); taken a peek at London’s landmark
new openings (page 10); andmapped out the highest city walks in the
world (page 24; acrophobics may want to skip out on these).
A raft of new features also succeeds in displaying themagazine’s new
image, including our fashion spread, shot on the beautiful grounds of The
Henry Hotel (see page 42). Here, photographer MJ Suayan has captured
model Julia Quisumbing dressed in stunning, Filipino-designed frocks, using
the heritage home-cum-hotel as a backdrop.
aims to stay in line
with the success seen in adaptive reuse of heritage homes, preserving
everything that is wonderful about our nation whilemaking it relevant and
intriguing to themodern world. We hope you enjoy your first read of a
reinvented classic.
I'd be spotting a tarsier in
Bohol. Taking a glimpse
at one of the world’s
smallest primates has
been onmy bucket list
for years, andwith the
Sandugo Festival taking
place this month – with
dancing competitions
and a beauty pageant – it
sounds like a festive time
to be on the island.
Editorial Director
Alexandra Karplus
I'd be celebrating
Shakespeare 400 by
taking in a performance
at The Globe
Theatre in London. I
studied the play and it's
one of my favorites.
Assistant Editor
Rachel Eva Lim
I'd be grooving at the
Fuji Rock Festival 2016 in
Japan. It’s the only place
on Earth where no one
will judge you for dancing
to Red Hot Chili Peppers
in your cutest Hello Kitty
outfit. It’d be so kawaii!
Photo Editor
Wendy Khaing
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