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Li fe
people are appreciating the passion
that goes into a product that is
Little did he know back then
that his small boutique, alongwith
a clutch of other bespoke-denim
designers’ digs that popped up
around the same time, would spur a
denim revolution across the City of
Angels. This summer, on every BTS
Skytrain platform there seem to be
repurposed dungarees, skintight
tailored denim shirts andmore rigid
old-fashioned blue jeans.
Thailand’s denizens are ditching
the spray-on stovepipe pants for a
more classic, non-stretch pair that
“fit for life and age beautifully over
time,” says Hutasuwan. His shop’s
moniker is a nod to selvedge – the
edge of fabric that is woven to
prevent it from fraying, a popular
technique in Japan. It’s fun to pick
your hue fromHutasuwan’s reels of
denim: there are rich indigo hues,
icy blues, stonewashes and faded
blacks, andwoven on vintage shuttle
looms. But choosing the finer, bespoke
details such as buttons, rivets and
pockets is evenmore enjoyable.
Further east in Sukhumvit, Ben
) eponymous
denim atelier, housed in an old
shipping container strewn with
bolts, spools of thread and almost
20 vintage sewingmachines, has
established a loyal following of
musicians, artists and the hi-so set.
Inside Terminal 21 shopping
Nama Denim
) has been tailoring raw
selvedge denim direct from the
finest mills in Japan for an affordable
price since 2013. “But for the
ultimate custom-fit, true denim-
heads should not wash their jeans
for a whole year,” founder Vishesh
Sachdev advises.
– Claire Knox
In their jeans
The disciples of custom-made
denimwear who are reshaping
Bangkok’s fashion landscape
Selvedgework's VitchapongHutasuwan
has denim in his DNA – his parents run a
jeans factory
Two years back now, Vitchapong
Hutasuwan – a debonair, dashing
young Bangkokian with a penchant
for tailoring – unveiled his own
antidote to Bangkok’s megamalls
and the subsequent proliferation
of high-street brands. He opened
his hipster-ish denimworkshop
tucked down the labyrinthine sois
of Siam Square, in “response to the
growing Thai market for artisanal,
custom-made wares. More andmore
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