July 2016 Mabuhay Magazine - page 20

Li fe
Cast the
net wide
An e-commerce website
makes a splashwith
a pop-up showcase
featuring designers from
Europe and America
7-24 JULY
Australian online design company
– a group that provides
independent artists with amarketplace –
is launching the “Made in House Pop-Up
Shop” in Melbourne this July. “We have
three artists-in-residence here in Melbourne
and two coming up in San Francisco,” says
Redbubble CEOMartin Hosking. “After six
months of residency, we coordinate a show
with those artists.” The artists-in-residence
will present their original work, and often sell
items they’ve all worked on together.
Hosking has also been busy readying the
growing company for a AU$50million stock-
market float. The stock offering comes as
the company celebrates 10 years in business,
inwhich time it has found a niche alongside
strong competition from sites like Etsy.
Hosking reckons that Redbubble’s unique
think-tank approach is what makes it work.
“We simply allow the artists to sell directly
to the customers,” Hosking says. “It’s not
curated or controlled by Redbubble.”
Around 93% of all Redbubble sales are to
consumers outside Australia, while Australian
artists represent up to 15% of Redbubble’s
talent pool. “About 45% of the artists come
from the US,” Hosking says.
There’s creative input from the
Philippines, too. Hosking points to Risa Rodil,
a young typographer, and “Angry Monk” – a
dark, gothic illustrator out of Cebu City – as
two of the site’s rising stars.
- Paul Chai
The Rio Olympics are
just a month away, but
the winning design for
the Tokyo 2020 Games’
logo has already been
unveiled. Asao Tokolo, a
47-year-old artist, does
not refer to himself as
a graphic designer, but
rather a pattern-maker
focused on joining
shapes. His toolkit is
filledwith rulers and
compasses with which
he creates repetitive
patterns. The design was
noted as being inspired
by Japan’s
, a checkered
pattern popular in the
Edo period, and the deep
blue chosen is a color
that the Japanese use to
express elegance. For
now, though, we can shift
our focus back to Brazil.
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