July 2016 Mabuhay Magazine - page 15

Li fe
Manila is in the throes of one of the
hottest summers ever. It’s officially
halo-halo season and everywhere
– from the humblest of street stalls
to the swankiest of restaurant joints
– people are serving up this much-
loved local dessert.
In an episode of
Parts Unknown
Anthony Bourdain cautiously
regards his first helping of halo-
halo: “It doesn’t make sense! It’s
oddly beautiful!”
Oddly beautiful, indeed. A
hodgepodge of ingredients is
blanketed by shaved ice and lashings
of creamy evaporatedmilk. With its
multicolored layers, bold flavors and
contrasting textures, this concoction
is nothing if not unpredictable;
its name roughly translates from
Tagalog as “mixed together”.
Never one to shy away from
daytime tippling, wemet upwith
local bartender Kalel Demetrio,
who’s known for creating novel
cocktails using obscure Filipino
ingredients. He treated us to a
boozy version of halo-halo at Sérye
Restaurant & Café, a delightful
space in Quezon City that serves
local and regional Filipino favorites.
"I infused the different preserves
with spirits, like
wine), gin – from local distillers
Destileria Limtuao and Don Papa
Rum – and topped it all off with
coconut cream andmilk infusedwith
the rum."
The verdict? Delicious. The
towering glass was polished off in
– Nayna Katigbak
A boozy spin on
a classic dessert
Manila mixologist Kalel
Demetrio kicks it up a notch
with his rendition of Filipino
favorite halo-halo
is arguably one of the top
mixologists in the country,
and certainly one of the
most innovative. As a bar
consultant for some of the
city’s best-loved restaurants,
he’s secured a niche for
well-crafted beverageswith a
local twist. From traveling to
themost obscure corners of
the country in search of great
ingredients to collaborating
with some of the best chefs in
theworld, Kalel continues to
work towards uppingManila’s
drinking game.
Cut into
cubes or slivers
Purple yam,
a local favorite
Nata de coco
A jelly-like
coconut product
Crisp puffed rice
Adds a crunchy
texture and
nice bite
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