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Going Global, Page 32
This Brooklyn-based photographer has wornmany hats:
frommagazine editor and documentary filmmaker to
blueberry picker and circus operator. Sam’s ideal day in
New York includes breakfast at the Academy Restaurant
in Fort Greene, a bike ride up toMoMA PS1 in Queens,
tacos at Castro’s in Clinton Hill and dancing at the Good
Room in Greenpoint. His work has appeared in
Geographic and The New York Times
, among others.
Shiso Talented!, Page 53
Danielle traveled toOsaka for her
story, but this
Britishwriter is based in Tokyo. Some of the things she
loves about Japan’s capital are cycling on pavements,
wabi sabi
pottery and its quiet green lanes. Her
favorite Tokyo bites aremelt-in-the-mouth tonkatsu at
Maisen, truffle oil-infused ramen at Tsuta and sushi at
Ginza’s family-run Kyubey. Her work has appeared in
Telegraph, Monocle
Modern Farmer
Everyday encounters with thresher sharks, Page 76
Chiloy is a multimedia journalist whose work has been
exhibited in Indonesia, London, Tokyo and Manila.
She’s also a member of Tala – the first all-women photo
collective in the Philippines. Two of her favorite dive
sites are Malapascua and Dapitan. “It’s amazing how
Malapascua has gotten back on its feet after Typhoon
Haiyan,” Chiloy says. Her favorite thing about diving,
other than seeing things underwater, is the peace.
A Proper Vintage, Page 42
MJ’s decision to pursue a career in photography was
motivated by renowned Brazilian photojournalist
Sebastião Salgado. “After seeing his photos, I found
myself in the streets of Manila shooting everything –
the candidness, innocence, realness,” MJ says. Based
in Manila, MJ has self described his own work as being
R.U.D.E: Rare, Unique, Different, Eclectic/
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