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Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier of Belgium and part of the Lufthansa Group. It is the largest Belgian airline, operating flights from Brussels to more than 60 destinations in Europe, 19 destinations in Africa and 2 destinations in the United States. Ink produces the airline's inflight magazine b inspired in two versions with two different covers, one for the short-haul routes and one for the long-haul routes which includes the inflight entertainment guide. Ink also produces and sells advertising on other media such as boarding passes. It is one of the most targeted and effective ways to reach the Belgian market.

b inspired is the new relaunched inflight magazine for Brussels Airlines’ global network. This elegant glossy monthly magazine covers people, ideas, culture, society, food, fashion, travel and business in the context of the airline’s destinations across three continents. Offering engaging reads, beautiful design and striking photography, b inspired seeks to ensure its readers are just that, revealing a different side to the city destinations, with fresh stories and alternative perspectives. The tone is sharp, smart, cultured and well-informed, and the content is always entertaining. b inspired aims to provide passengers with a fresh inside track on each city, with lots of inspiring ideas to help them make the most of their trip while proudly showcasing the very best that Belgium has to offer.

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